Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: 3 Ways to Begin Your Summer

Summer’s officially here! And while the glorious long days are wonderful, summer can wreak havoc with your spiritual practices. Some churches offer fewer Mass times in the summer, friends you count on are off on vacation, and frankly, you’ve been doing spiritual reading to sustain you during the lockdown and don’t have the energy now to read more. What can you do?

  • Rest! “Our greatest hindrance in the Christian life is not lack of effort, but lack of acquaintance with our spiritual privileges” (John Owen). Summer is a great time to cultivate deep rest in your own heart as you spend time at the feet of Jesus learning more deeply what he has done for you and how he can comfort you now. Christians are those who dare to rest in a world of hurry and chaos.
  • Make a retreat. This is the best time for it, when your family is occupied with camps and friends and their own summer pursuits. There are some beautiful DIY retreats you can do (our own Awakening Love is one of them) and you’ll immediately feel a reconnection with God.
  • Reconnect with nature. The earth is God’s gift to us, but we take it for granted most of the time (and spend a good part of the winter avoiding it altogether!). Take a walk—preferably barefoot—and drink in the beauty of God’s world. Perhaps we can remember Pope Francis’ Laudato si, a reminder that we’re all connected to our world. Take advantage of it!

Summertime is an amazing opportunity to get outside, to feel the sun and the wind, and to rediscover the world. Enjoy, and God bless!

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