Beatitudes of My Sisters

Lord Jesus,

How blessed are we that you see us and hear us – that you understand what we live and what we suffer because you’ve made our joys and sorrows your own. We believe we are never alone.

How blessed are we to receive your support, companionship, and true presence as food for our bodies and souls in the Eucharist. We believe you want to be with us always and have given us the Eucharist as our sure means of finding you.

How blessed are we that you entrust us to the care of your Mother, who nurtures, guides, instructs, and prays for us. We believe you desire us to know and love your Mother as you do.

How blessed are we that in the cleansing waters of Baptism, we have died to ourselves, risen as members of your body, and now share the identity and mission you received from your Father. We believe that in you, we are the delight of the Father, co-heirs of heaven, and beloved children of God.

How blessed are we to know that whether our faith feels weak or strong, you have brought us to this point in our spiritual journey and intend to meet us here. We believe that if we strive to do all things for your glory, you will multiply the fruits of our prayers, virtues, and deepest desires.

How blessed are we to be channels of your tenderness and mercy through our use of technology and the means of communication. We believe that by using media in your name, we offer light and hope to a world that longs for peace and communion with you.

How blessed are we to be created, chosen, and called to be unique reflections of your eternal truth, beauty, and goodness. We believe our true happiness and identity lie in doing your will, and that you will always respond to our prayers and efforts to live the vocation you’ve given us.

How blessed are we that by reading Scripture, we can hear your voice, receive your love, and delight in your presence. We believe you are the Word, our Way to the Father and the fuel that sets our hearts aflame so that through us, the world might burn with love for you.